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What we do:

At IHG Consulting we offer a variety of services:

  • Electrical Education - CEU classes, data classes, First Aid/CPR classes

  • Design - Electrical design/drawings, specialty system lighting

  • Prefab - Materials needed for jobs, all ready-to-install

  • Construction - We can build what you need for your project

  • Low Voltage/Data - Fiber, Data, Theater Sound, etc.

Our Story.

From humble beginnings:

We started our business in our family garage with a couple of laptops and tables for desks. We were running a full on office from where most people keep their vehicles.

Pictures of office in progress here


Then God.

We were moved out of our garage to a small office space in downtown Bardstown. This is where our business resides today.

What we stand for.

We have crafted an exceptional crew of hard workers. Here at IHG Consulting, the sky is the limit and we intend to reach that expectation with every job. IHG is an acronym that means "In His Grip". We believe that God's hand is always on us as a business, pointing the source of our success to that reasoning.

Employee bios:

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