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Mill Creek Baptist Church New Building and Facility Upgrades

On this project, we did all electrical, data, sound, fire alarm, waste water treament, and HVAC controls.

Stage Lighting 2.jpg

Stage lighting we installed that can be customized to over 16 million different variations of colors.

RGB LED light strips installed in children's sanctuary. These can change to an array of colors as well.

Children's Sanctuary Lighting.jpg
MDP .jpg

The panel on the right is the Main Distribution Panel. On the left is a panel that controls general lighting and power. These were installed by us in the Electric Room.

Data rack with security system monitor for all internet and cameras in the building. Everything in the Electric Room was installed by IHG Consulting.

Data Rack 1.jpg
WWTP Tanks 3.jpg

Waste water treatment plant that was completely installed by us. Tanks and controls are pictured.

This project is one of the largest we have completed as a company. We won the IEC Excellence in Construction Award for this design and build. Even when we are put up against competitors nationally, we are still among the best in the industry.

Award Photo.jpg
Award Photo 2.jpg

Below is the whole project album.

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